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Just want to say that I am extremely impressed with Amazon Toner's business so far. Paul came in and gave me in-depth information about his toners versus the competitors. Basically Amazon Toner will rebuild the units to OEM specifications versus the generic rebuilds I had been purchasing before.

Not only is the quality of the toner better, but the service is top notch. The last couple orders I placed, I received the next business day.

Amazon Toner offers a solution where there was none. Not only am I able to order toner faster and easier, but the used toner gets picked up. I was able to get part of the space back I had been using to store the cores!

So in closing, Amazon Toner Inc. toners shouldn't be confused with the toner salesmen we are used to--ordering toner from foreign warehouses and receiving it whenever depending on where it is shipping from. The toners are rebuilt from within, shipped to you immediately, and the used cores are picked up and professionally remanufactured according to OEM specifications.

Timothy King
I-10 Toyota and Scion
IT Administrator

Hey Paul,

Just want to say thank you for your business. It has been a real pleasure working with you. It is great to know that the toners will arrive sooner now and also that they will last a lot longer. Already started implementing your toners in my finance department and service. I've had zero complaints about quality. I am highly impressed with the entire operation.

Thank you,
Tim King

Amazon Toner has been crucial in executing an essential component in our IT Department: saving money while using earth friendly products. Their toner supplies provide exceptional value and are truly environmentally friendly. Aside from the product, we receive reliable, friendly and fast service. We started out with just 3 stores, and have now moved all 14 over to using the their toner service! Definitely a win-win for all.
Keep up the good work!

Errol Morgan
IT Director
Oremor Automotive Group